Friday 30 September 2011

Sonic Masala Presents Its First Sonic Masala Presents!!!


Your favourite blog Sonic Masala has finally come out from behind the laptop and into the live venue arena!

On Saturday October 2011, Sonic Masala will be hosting its first ever live showcase. The venue is ultra intimate - The Waiting Room on Browning Street, West End. The sow is small, about 100 people absolute max, and at $10 a pop it will be amazeballs. Oh, and its BYO, with the bottle shop for the Melbourne Hotel RIGHT ACROSS THE ROAD! So no excuses!

Oh and there are some bands playing, just in case we forget...

NOVA SCOTIA are those crazy kids who started off fiddling their inner Malkmus before advancing into a true behemoth of giddy angular grunge pop (my words - quote em if you want...). Their self-titled debut LP is soooo good, freakishly good, and as it should, was nominated for Best Album at this year's Queensland Music Awards. They haven't ever put on a bad show, and as headliners of the first Sonic Masala Presents... promise something extra special for your aural pleasure. (The below clip is a good indication of the band - it was filmed at the same venue too!)

PSY ANTS are a band that only know one thing - how to use a sonic pestle and mortar to crush you into their sordid ways of being. This three piece are purveyors of insidious noise, penetrating your airspace in a rough yet ultimately energising way so that you are happy when they pull their pants back on and throw a balled up tenner at your face - trust me, you'll be begging for more...

CHARLES CURSE & THE CODEINE CHOIR is yet another chapter in the coalescing disparity that is local shadow Greg Charles' musical career. Making amazing noise with Blonde Cobra and expanding the boundaries of convention with his Ex-Catholics, it has been as Charles Curse that his skewed ruminations have found more of a home, with ambient, rambling concoctions echoing as far as Brooklyn. No one knows the mysteries that lie therein, but rest assured it will be an exclusive!

So make sure you tell EVERYONE about this momentous inaugural event - click here for more deets. It's going to be one hell of a time...

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