Thursday 8 September 2011

††† - No† †oo Many †††'s?

Can someone help me out here - is Chino Moreno taking the piss? Sure, the awesome Deftones frontman has done leftfield music before - see his pretty amazing Team Sleep project he did with Zach Hill amongst others - but witch house? And he's not only sounding like the genre's lynchpins, he is tipping the boat over in the middle of the fucking ocean. His band - Crosses (AKA †††, or daggerdaggerdagger if you want to be typographically correct). And there are plenty of †'s throughout the song's titles too - in fact EVERY t is replaced with a †. Anyway, I haven't listened to the album proper, but I have listened to the remix below - and suffice to say, I really like it. Im a bit of a Moreno softie though, so Ill let you be the judge. Plus, Moreno can beat the living piss out of Salem, any day...

††† - Bermuda Locke† (Dawn Golden & Rosy Cross Mix)

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