Monday 26 September 2011

Devon Finds His Own Euphoria

Devon Williams is a wily musical beast - for better or for worse. Having dipped his toes in varies shades of indie waters in the SoCal region, he steps out on his own for second solo LP Euphoria - and boy, what a bunch of mixed reviews it has received! What I don't understand is how these same people can like Destroyer. The consensus for this album is that it is very dreamy, up in the clouds, soft rock - a loft, ambitious, but ultimately unrewarding listening experience. Yet Destroyer - despite his brilliant lyrics - writes songs that even Kenny Loggins left on the cutting room floor, and these same people would eat his shit for breakfast! Objectivity, huh?

Well, I think Euphoria is a heady trip amongst short fizzy pop trips, and yes, whilst not all the tracks are welcomed, overall I find the album far more fun than saccharine. 'Your Sympathy' is a great pop track, whilst songs like "Tower Of Thought' and 'Revelations' are shiny, happy numbers. Overall the album succeeds in crafting throwaway pop with shimmering guitars and vaguely meaningful lyrics that will float along in the background with the occasional hook kicking you in the heart and making you smile - and to me that sounds like mission accomplished.

Euphoria is out via Slumberland Records.

Devon Williams - Your Sympathy

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