Tuesday 20 September 2011

Brooklyn All About Happy People...

It is mandatory for all of you to get this EP. Happy People is the self-titled release from a duo from New Jersey, Stephen Ortega and Jeff Widner. After the duo floated around some of those early demos and none of their slack-ass musician friends signed on, they decided to take care of it themselves. With Widner on bass, guitar, keys and drums and Ortega taking care of vocals, the two friends created Happy People’s seductive debut. Seriously though, I listen to one track, the closer 'Brooklyn'. This song has that special secret recipe that sinks its claws relentlessly into your psyche, morphs with your DNA and molds your very being. I cannot stress enough how dangerously awesome this track is!

Happy People - Brooklyn

But don't think that the album is just this one track - no siree! Whilst 'Brooklyn' may slay me on a ridiculously frequent molecular level, the entire EP refuses to let up. Its such a strong debut - akin to hearing Women's first record, in fact. That is the best kudos I can lay on the band, and I still don't think Im doing them justice. Get the album here.

Happy People - Triplets

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