Friday 9 September 2011

Razor-Sharp Summer Vibes Spill Out Of Wakefield

I only heard 'Summer Vibes', the single from Wakefield UK quartet The Spills, on the weekend, but it has me excited to hear how their debut album Occam's Razor (out October 31 through Philophobia Music) will pan out. Having started in a more noise pop vein (which helped them scored support slots with the likes of Sky Larkin, Let's Wrestle and Dananananaykroyd), the terrain that The Spill now look to traverse is one of a hazier quality, a popular trend that is underlined by strong pop sensibilities. There are promises of darker, louder tracks than this one - references apparently include The Antlers, Pavement and Nirvana - if that is the case, and they still bring out the 'Summer Vibes', then Im hooked.

The Spills - Summer Vibes

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