Wednesday, 20 March 2013

PREMIERE - Matt from Holopaw's Ann Pragg Prep Debut

I'm sure there are any number of blogs and media outlets plugging this, but I'm going with what I've been told. This is a fresh-as sneak peek at Matt Radick of Holopaw's debut album. Going under the moniker Ann Pragg, Bitter Fruit (coming out through Wonderland Archives in early May) promises to bury deep in the waters of the best melancholic folk dreamers - Nick Drake, Bill Callahan, Will Oldham, Justin Vernon. Buried deep in the Everglades, this Floridian promises to provide what these other masters muster up - the ability to make the maudlin and haunting sound ebullient and pregnant with hope. The whisper of synths and crunch of guitar also promises to darken the corners further, a richness that grows bolder with each listen. And with the sad passing of Jason Molina that still has me reeling, I'm finding myself inexorably drawn to these realms, in the hope that we have another master in the making here.

Ann Pragg - Demolition Dust

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