Thursday 4 February 2016

Towel Down With Wet Ones

It's my birthday today. Jesus. Gettin' old dude. I'm not gonna cry about it though - that's what Wet Ones are for. The irascible Kansas band have released their eponymous record through Slovenly, and it is the right mix of gleefully destructive scuzzed out punk. From the Pissed Jeans snot sneer of 'Waaah Waaah Waaah' right through to the ear-bleeding sworl of 'Gimme Suction' (and the rat-lovin' cover art), there is no let up, no pretension, all red-line rock destroying minds and souls. There is even a harmonic outro to the album to lend some Depression-era pathos to proceedings...yep, it makes no sense, something like a funeral pyre call. The count in on 'Simulator' is one two fuck you. Yep, Wet Ones slay, propulsive mayhem to blast this birthday into gear. Grab the LP here.

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