Wednesday 6 March 2013

A One Track Mind Makes A Psychic Ill

New York's Psychic Ills have released One Track Mind, their fourth LP proper and their second on Sacred Bones. Sounds like the trio are stepping further away from the swirling cesspit they spawned from. It is still there, fused to their DNA (and explicit in motorik floater 'Western Metaphor'), yet here they have never sounded more defined musically. Each song is exactly that - a song. The smoke has dissipated, and rather than a wasteland, the view is clear - the languid groove and Warren Tres' drawl a transparent foil to the more deliberate approach. 'Drop Out' reminds me of early, "poppier" Warlocks (and seeing that one of my all-time favourite albums is Rise & Fall, this is meant as a big compliment). The album's title is relevant, as despite the space and shape of the approach, for the most part it's business as usual here. Added bonus is that One Track Mind gets tastier with each listen, like a snake biting its own tail - there is no end in sight, nor does there need to be one.

You can get One Track Mind here.

Psychic Ills - One More Time
Psychic Ills - Tried To Find It

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