Thursday 14 March 2013

Harry Krishna Sets A Western Tjutjuna Mousetrap

Man, I'm sucking at headings today!

Anyway, whilst today is filled with some great tunes, this here is my favourite, and certainly is my most anticipated album of next month. When I came across Denver peyote crawlers Tjutjuna's debut album back in 2010, I was blown away to the point that the band tickled the bottom end of my favourite albums of that year. It was one of the few records I bought in the long period of waiting to buy a turntable, and one of the first I threw on when I finally got one. I put them into the same realm as the likes of Woodsman, in their sonic attempts to cross into alternate realities of the darker, surrealist variety.

Since then they have had a few changes of staff, but if 'Mousetrap' and 'Harry Krishna' are anything to go by, they have lost none of their abstract sense of humour nor mystical knack of tapping into hypnotic histrionics and mind melts. The tracks come off their sophomore LP Westerner, that is due out late next month through Fire Talk. Just to fuel the feverish fires, they will be celebrating this coup with a US tour with Japanese trip-lords Acid Mother's Temple. I live for this type of instrumental psych, and Westerner promises to be the kind of sonic earworm that will latch on to me for quite a while - until the eggs in my brain hatch and I die of some form of paralysing fit, that is...

Pre-order Westerner here.

Tjutjuna - Mousetrap

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