Monday 11 March 2013

Living On The Lower Spectrum From Here On In

Lower Spectrum is a Melbourne duo that experiment in the undulating wavelengths of organic electronica. Organic electronica? I hear you mutter querulously. Listen to their sophomore EP From Here On, and tell me that this isn't an industrial purge or a synthetic creation, yet something that comes from the cosmic ether, the pulsing synths, waves of densely layered beats and live instruments combining to create something that is cold yet warm, alienated yet human. The soundscapes that are crafted on this six-track/one-interlude release are superbly emotive, alternating from existential ponderings ('Sense of Refrain'), to glitchy outer-wave reconnaissance ('Interlude') and playful looping repetitions that reconstruct form and space ('Blind Light', 'Then Unfold'). How this EP wasn't huge baffles me - this is the kind of electronic music that electrifies me, and with its live instrumentation and wholly immersive sonic experimentation it should be a live phenomenon.

Seriously - get From Here On here, you will not be disappointed, then start petitioning to get these guys playing all the time! This is only the beginning of the Lower Spectrum odyssey...

Lower Spectrum - Then Unfold
Lower Spectrum - Blind Light

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