Sunday 10 March 2013

Joey Fourr's Five

I'm hoping to keep this short - I worked all day yesterday, was woken up early today, and want to do as little on this Sunday as possible - but I felt I had to give some lip service to London's Joey Fourr. Ex-Tubelord Lord Joseph Prendergast's lo-fi solo odyssey first reared its head last year on Art Is Hard's Pizza Single Biweekly Club, and he has since released five EPs - shiza... All of differing focus and fidelity, but all of interest. There is a lot to be said here, but I am really tired (sorry Joe!) so instead I'm going to say that this stuff has grown on me to the point that when a track inadvertently sneaks onto my playlists I grin and stop what I'm doing for a few minutes, take in the song and forget about the stresses of life. That to me is a good enough seal of approval.

Here is a taster from all five EPs. Head here to get them (in differing stages of cost and mediums).

 The latest EP, Sunslime.

'Surf Dye' off Museums.
'Wet Hips' off We.

'Play With Yrself' off Crack Is Whack.

'CROSS†DRESSER' off How To Buy Happiness.