Friday 8 March 2013

Friday Cover Up - It Hurts To Be Silkies

Time to pull up stumps for the week (and coming from a avid Australian cricket fan, this saying comes as much with pain as it does longing for the weekend...). As you can tell from the jibber-jabber from the past two posts, I'm still in Neil-land, but there is no rest for the wicked - I'm off to see Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, supported by Mark Lanegan - tough life...

Here is a little ditty from Silkies , the Boston duo whose Like One EP I spoke of favourably here. The band still insist they are fusing Bratmobile-esque riot grrrl swagger with 60's girl group smarts, with the swampy garage feel bubbling just underneath the surface - and this great cover of Andrea Carroll's 'It Hurts To Be Sixteen' is a pretty good take on that. A pop star that never quite captured the teen market in the 60s, Carroll had some hits but nothing that ever reached this level. Maybe because Neil Sedaka wrote it? Yeah. Sedaka... Anyway, this version brings back the memory of this solid song, and gives it a warped radio-station-from-the-past-of-a-parallel-universe kinda feel, snotty yet cute, raucous yet joyous - it's a good way to see out the week and get ready for some loose fun times.

Silkies - It Hurts To Be Sixteen (Andrea Carroll cover)

Happy International Women's (Fri)Day!

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