Saturday 2 March 2013

Laying Down In Space With Llamas

The second psych earworm of the weekend comes courtesy of Italian one-man project The Lay Llamas. He's just released a cassette through Helsinki based Jozik Records, and its a scorching mind melt. In the man's own words:

"the LAY LLAMAS is a tribe that in the year 2092 AD starts a trip from an unknown region of Nigeria on a self-built spacecraft (track A1) to reach a planet that they continued to observe every night from the earth and inexplicably attracted them. Once there, explore the planet (track A2) until they meet a totem called the Big Snake (track B1) who will point the way for the purification and elevation to a higher state of consciousness (track B2)." 

 And you thought Radar Men From The Moon were out in the ether... This is deliciously warped stuff, occasionally borrowing from kosmiche tensions and avant-garde electronica, liberally dosed in PCP and the dust of angels. My eyes are bloodshot from just listening to this. Pretty solid, if I say so myself...I need to go lie down.

Buy The Lay Llamas here.

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