Thursday 7 March 2013

Still Caves Wage Heave Peace With Static Lips

I came across Static Lips, a cassette release by Portland discordant wayfarers Still Caves last night when "surfing the Net". Bizarrely, as with most tangential discoveries, it started from a search on Neil Young and his memoir Waging Heavy Peace. I found a site that listed young influences, which led to a trawl of smaller bands from Portland...and this cropped up. And damn - opening track 'Dutch' is the kind of slow, grinding garage jam that I could bathe in , shitfaced, hollering at the ceiling in a misplaced sense of euphoria. The thumping, roiling 'No Company' immediately follows, and lets you know in no uncertain terms that there is steel and blasted feedback surging through their sonic veins too. If you want to escape the realities of life through a night of raucous debauchery, booze-swilling skulduggery, and a morning after filled with shame, regret and an uneasy itch to do it all again, Static Lips is a pretty good way to kickstart that heady downward spiral. Hey - you often make lifelong friends at the bottom...


You can grab Static Lips here.

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