Thursday 10 November 2011

North/South America's Psych Malaise

I love discovering bands from far-flung corners of the world! Last week I had the utmost privilege and pleasure of seeing Carsick Cars, one of the best noise rock acts coming out of China. This week I am pleased to gush over this 7" from Peruvian psych warriors Fantasmas. Ok, let's clarify - they are Brooklyn based, but leader Kam was born in Lima before spending his teenage childhood scouring the streets of DC. First of all the noir cover photo is killer in itself. Then there are the two tracks, which clearly show this clash of cultural identity. It's only really a taster, an entree if you will, but Fantasmas have shown here that they have something percolating in the darkest recesses of their music that, with a little time, will burst forth in all its vehement beauty.

The 7" is currently digital only, yet will be put out on vinyl later this month on Kam's own Red Pyramids label...stay tuned.

Fantasmas - Blind Children (Shake)
Fantasmas - La Maga

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