Wednesday 2 November 2011

Sacred Crystal Opens This Radiant Door

Sacred Bones has been crazy prolific with its releases this year, averaging two a month. Their 22nd and final release for 2011 is a special one (aren't they all though?). New York dark light trippers Crystal Stilts only released their eggsellent In Love With Oblivion LP earlier this year, but Radiant Door, rather than a collection of offal off-cuts, is a great EP that further broadens this band's aspirations. And is kinda fitting, as the band's drummer is Keegan Cooke, the dude who has screen printed all the label's records since their inception - this guy doesn't know how to quit!

The EP has five new tracks on it, all of which are teetering perilously over the bottomless well of pop perfection. It shows another, light shade of the band's aesthetic, and with each strip of dirty laundry they tear away another persona comes to light. Its a fascinating listen from a fascinating band that often gets swallowed up by the many retro-fitted scuzz garage dwellers of the modern age. Help make amends - elevate Crystal Stilts by grabbing Radiant Door here.

Crystal Stilts - Dark Eyes by sacredbones

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