Wednesday 2 November 2011

No Anchor Present A Rise From The Dead

Seems like it isn't enough for No Anchor to rule their own terrain, they want to help take over all parts of the heavy music spectrum. I'm all for it to be honest. Ian, the bass player from the band (as opposed to the other bass player) had this to say:

"Look, I very occasionally book shows here in Brisbane for interstate bands because I dislike almost all bands, no matter where they're from. Bands are - if you think about it - usually a terrible idea. Bands from Melbourne, give me a break.

But...DEAD from Melbourne are No Anchor's best musical friends, forever AND they're great. Imagine Big Business meets Lightning Bolt (see attached track, if you don't believe me). Now imagine that it costs $10 to see them + there are four other rad bands playing on the bill + the venue is BYO.

Your imaginings can be real."

Yes they can. Friday night at the Waiting Room this will all come to pass, alongside support from Cyberne (from Japan), Idylls, Acid Snake and the next chapter of No Anchor-affiliated global annihilation, Black Hole Gazers (first show).

More about the show here. This looks to be a show that will rattle the glorified house to its very foundations - be a part of it when the shit goes down...

Dead - You Just Lost My Appetite

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