Tuesday 8 November 2011

Take 'Em High, Kosmonaut!

Kösmonaut is a one-man kosmiche machine outta Texas who has seen fit to flood the market with not one but two full-term releases. These bestial cosmic hypnotic-hymns are mind-numbing in their insistent synthetic drone, fidgety like a glue-fuelled red/blue nightmare about stop-motion worms. Tangerine Dream, Heldon, Cluster - they are all littered throughout Emanations and Voyage of Time. The former is a little darker, steeped in the psych end of the spectrum, whilst the latter is definitely an acid reflux version of much of the 80s synth moodpieces (and the way better release in my opinion). its pretty incredible stuff, to be honest. I am not a usual fan of this stuff - well, not enough for it to be on constant rotation - but if you have good headphones, and like chilling out in the middle of the night, this is the soundtrack. Im not suggesting anything else need accompany this trip - Ill let you improvise on that length - but suffice to say that this is transportation music to the nth degree. Highly recommended.

Kösmonaut - Monad (From Emanations)
Kösmonaut - Voyage of Time (From Voyage of Time)

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