Friday 18 November 2011

ART CONTEST - The Chance To Design School Knights/Night Manager Split!!!

Those crazy folks over at Mind Fortress Records have an awesome competition for y'all - and they have asked Sonic Masala to help distribute the love! Two of our most beloved dirty gems, School Knights and Night Manager, are about to release a split release, something Mind Fortress have being trying to coerce out of them for some time now. This is uber exciting news in and of itself, but this is where you - YES, YOU! - come in!



All's you need to do is submit your creative masterpieces to Mind Fortress. Submissions end on January 1st 2012 (yes, astute followers, that IS New Year's Day!), with the winner getting a free copy of the split and the multitudes of accolades and sexual trysts that one can handle. Only condition - use the standard CD dimensions when designing and sending in the art, BOTH SIDES. Track names will be added laterz.

Hells a poppin'! This is great news (I'm looking expressly at you A-Rey...), so get crack a lackin. Send your submissions here. And in case you have forgotten, here are some of our posts of the bands and below lies a taste of the bands' nutty goodness...

School Knights - Out Getting Ribs
School Knights - Bullies

Night Manager - Pizza Pasta

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