Wednesday 9 November 2011

Islet Display Their Wealth Of Fortune

I was warned by Paul one fated May night as we travelled to the sadly now defunct Barden's Boudoir in Dalston, London that I should prepare to have my face melted off. We were going to yet another Upset The Rhythm gig. The headliners - Mi Ami, the nigh on impossible to categorise US band that certainly killed many cells in my body. but Paul was also making reference to the support, a small Welsh act called Islet. With their manic instrument swapping, impromptu percussion (using the ceiling, anyone?) and effervescent exuberance, these kids won me over.

Their EPs Celebrate This Place and Wimmy are great, yet its hard to believe that it has taken them this long to get around to releasing an album proper. Yet it is finally in the can, and Islet have announced their debut LP, to be released 23rd January 2012 on Shape (Turnstile), called Illuminated People. Being largely recorded on a farm in Worcestershire, Islet worked with an outside producer, Drew Morgan, for the first time - hence this may become their most coherent and cohesive record to date. Seeing as the label putting it out is run by the band's Mark Thomas, though, there will be no compromise on the band's manic maelstrom of sound.

Don't believe me? 'This Fortune' is the first taste off the album, and is available now as part of a tour-only 12", which features a vinyl only 15 minute sound collage made by the group; a swirling mass of found sounds, fragmented thoughts and previously unheard tracks.

If you are in the UK this month, you will have ample chances to pick up this release whilst seeing this exciting band in action, culminating in a show on November 16 at one of my favourite London haunts, The Lexington.

Paul, thanks for the Islet warning. Now get me that vinyl, or we're done.

Islet - This Fortune

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