Tuesday 8 November 2011

Mystical Specs Never Change With Woodsman

I don't know how Denver spaceniks Woodsman do it. They have a new release, an EP called Mystic Places (once again through Fire Talk), and somehow it maintains the excellent quality that they have been pumping out the past few years. Even more heartening is that they find new and unusual ways to keep these tracks tight yet languid and free-form - so much so that on 'Specdrum' it feels that twice as much time has passed, you have slipped so deep into its trance. Then when you realise the song is over, and so little time has passed, you immediately put it on and jump into their slipstream once more. Its a Herculean feat, but one Woodsman seem to be able to achieve on a whim. Furthermore, what with the recent addition of vocals (very Jason Simon of Dead Meadow in tonality and usage), it shows that the boundaries are continually shifted by these adventurous folk.

Mystic Places is out now - get it here. My big call for the day (other than Matt Kennedy of Kitchens Floor possibly becoming an icon - that one was pretty huge)? This EP is miles better than their Rare Forms album of earlier in the year. This is what I wished that album was. It is amazing.

Woodsman - Specdrum

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