Thursday 3 November 2011

Hunting The Narwhals

I picked up this 7" a few weeks ago for three reasons.

One, I was on a recording buying binge and couldn't help myself.

Two, I wanted to support local bands, especially good ones.

Three, my mate Dan who plays in the band wouldn't give me a free one.

Instrumental surf rock bands need to err on the side of Dick Dale or The Shadows if they want to avoid being thrown in with the Best Coast crowd, which Narwhals do well. Its at times funky, at times moody, at times addictive, at times surly, at all times it floods the place with hooks.

Unfortunately it's nigh on impossible to see them live anymore due to members being flung far and wide. That said, have a listen to a couple tracks below, hunt down their 7" here through Mere Noise, and then hunt the members down and give them crow pecks, noogies and Chinese burns until they play once more!

Narwhals - Cosmic Reef
Narwhals - Hell's Gates

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