Wednesday 9 November 2011

Guilty Ghosts Pulls Back The Veils

There was a solo artist that contacted me at the beginning of the year and really impressed me with his self-titled EP. That person was Tristan O'Donnell, and he goes by the name Guilty Ghosts. He produced his debut LP Veils last month, and whilst it features some familiar tunes, they are welcome returns rather than awkward overstayers - the gamble has paid off. The class of this release is inherent from the cover art - Woman Draped In Veilis a famous piece of photography by Amelia Van Buren around the turn of the twentieth century, and it's a bold, striking, ethereal piece of art, something that O'Donnell attempts to replicate with admirable results. He is equally at home with drone or post-rock tropes as he is with ambient synth drifts and guitar ambles. Added guest vocals by Sea Oleena and Guerre add nuance to some of the tracks, but it is to O'Donnells credit alone that Veils ends up being the understated triumph that it is. A beautiful listen from start to end. Guilty Ghosts is a project you should invest time with and get lost in.

Veils is availble here.

Guilty Ghosts - The End Of Akira
Guilty Ghosts - Everlasting Evening (ft Sea Oleena)
Guilty Ghosts - Tinted Windows (ft Guerre)

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