Thursday 10 November 2011

Better Days With Minty Fresh Fonda

LA dream pop outfit Fonda returned after a lengthy hiatus earlier this year with the Better Days EP. Well, in very good news, label Minty Fresh has decided to rerelease Better Days on vinyl, with an added single for the occasion! The release isn't until November 22, but you can book yourself some wax right here.

Unsure? Try the new track below, as well as another cut from the earlier release. These guys, around the core of couple Emily Cook and David Klotz, may have lain dormant for seven-odd years (and Klotz edits music on Glee - seriously dude?!?*), but Fonda are welcome back any time.

Fonda - Some Things Aren't Worth Knowing
Fonda - Better Days

* Cook writes screenplays such as Ratatouille, so I guess it almost cancels out the bad taste in my mouth about the "day jobs" - almost...

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