Saturday 24 March 2012

Wedding's Over. Slowcoaches Are In.

OK, so the wedding is over, it's time to shirk expectations and inhibitions. And whilst we wait around for the bridal party to have their pretty piccies, and for the free liquor to flow, we hunker down beside the venue which looks like a fucking Jehovahs Witness kingdom hall, the bottle shop run is complete, and I offer up this gem from Leeds upstarts Slowcoaches. We're So Heavy backs up the promise this trio has shown these past 12 or so months, offering six tracks of scuzzy garage punk that shakes off any misgivings to be exactly what a scuzzy garage punk band should be - a shit tonne of fun. Suits and high heels be damned - it's time kick and flail in the mud people!

We're So Heavy is out through Tie Dye Tapes - get it now. And seriously guys, if I get married in the UK in the next 12 months, can you be my band?

Slowcoaches - We're So Heavy
Slowcoaches - 54

(NB - this is the first of anything that I have done via iPhone. Now, I did vow that I would never update statuses and such from an iPhone and such, and most of this article was ready to go before now. I just had to fill in the small particulars. And it's taken me 50 fucking minutes. So this will most likely be my last mobile post too - seriously, I haven't tweeted since October 2010! Enjoy it, spunks.)

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