Friday 23 March 2012

Video Vacuum - BRISBANE EXPLODES!!! (plus the best video ever in Spiritualized...)

Whilst it is with dismay that I am yet to take part in either Meredith or Golden Plains festivals, I still benefit when that crew get a line-up going. Every December and March respectively, the bands that wing their way to Australia for the festivals and slot in Brisbane sideshows to boot (except Roky Erickson...sight...). The upside is that you don't miss out, AND you get more intimate concert gigs. The downsize is that you have to pay through the teeth to see them all, which isn't possible anyway because bands invariably clash (hello Ariel Pink and Endless Boogie (although that was an easy choice to make, Endless Boogie being one of the raddest bands on the planet and all).

Tonight sees some craziness involved, yet only one international band is taking the spotlight. The fact that it is the brilliant Japanese genre-defying trio Boris, supported by the excellent Laura and "local" legends Nikko, breaks my heart. So if you are getting along, it should be fucking amazeballs (I saw them at the Islington Garage in London back in 2010 - they killed...) If they play this (which I certainly hope they do), I will shit myself from pleasure. And I won't even be there. I just know this song from osmosis. If you can smell me, it can only be a good thing...

One of the most underrated Melbourne bands doing the do at the moment is Dead Farmers. They just released a killer 7", and are making a rare appearance in the Sunshine State supported by Per Purpose and Sewers (thanks Bedroom Suck!). I'm very bummed to be missing this show too - plus it'll be one of the last gigs to play the sadly closing Woodland venue (goodbye $5 Tooheys schooners!). So here is the video for their latest single, you lucky devils!

Now whilst they are further down the bill at the Alhambra Lounge tonight (supporting the effervescent Velociraptor, with the irascible Tiny Migrants also in support), I haven't played this ace vid of Tape/Off's 'Hell Comes To Frogtown.' Great name, great song, tripped out visuals. I'm there (in spirit...and in boozy reverence later!)

So where will I be tonight? At the 5th Sonic Masala showcase, of corks! Where you all should be too. We have Fred Savage Beasts (a side project for the aforementioned Tape/Off's frontman), Motherfucking Morgan Freeman and Crass Creatures ready to tear your ears off and feed them to you through sweaty desperation (true story - I've had them locked up in cages with nothing but a bowl of stagnant water and their instruments as sustenance). Franco Cozzo heads that bill, and the Melbourne duo (SM's first interstate guests) are intent to bludgeon your torso with brutal notes until you dance like a loon and holler like a banshee. Have listen of a track they played at the Workers' Club last year for verifiable proof that tonight will bring about world peace.

I should end here. But then I NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED y'all to watch and listen to Spiritualized's new song/video, 'Hey Jane'. i think it is possibly the best video EVER. For real. Comments welcome. In fact, this video may feature in another post next week, because outside the wedding I'm going to and the writing I'm required to pump out so that I can get the bread in order to live, that is all I'll be taking notice of. It's fucking incredible. My gift to you (only if you give up a tenner and come to my show).

Spiritualized 'Hey Jane' from Somesuch & Co. on Vimeo.



  1. Actually, I'd take issue with saying the upside of not going to golden plains is the chance to see bands in more intimate venues. Having been to three GP, I'd much rather see a band in the beautiful merideth ampitheatre than having to wait until after midnight on any given day to watch a band at woodland.

    (hint: get your ass to Golden Plains!! :D )

  2. Haha! Nice way to twist the dagger protruding from my heart! However, I shall remain steadfast in my convictions.

    Until I get down to Golden Plains, that is...