Tuesday 6 March 2012

VIDEO VACUUM - Future Of The Left, Girls, Colours, Witch Hats

A slow start to the week, but here are some luscious moofies to drag you out of the doldrums, yeah?

It's common knowledge that I have infinite amounts of respect for Andy Falkous. I'm a bit of a groupie, and getting to speak to him last year before the release of his band Future Of The Left's Polymers Are Forever EP was one of the crowning achievements of my life thus far. Now we are creeping ever closer to the release of their third album, The Plot Against Common Sense, and to whet our appetites (it's not out til May, dammit!) we have the video for teaser track 'Sheena Was A T-Shirt Salesman'. Ill be brutally honest - it's not their best. But it's good, and Falkous' lyrics are as acerbic, drenched in bile and tickled pink as ever. It has me on tenterhooks - I'm hoping for upwards and onwards...Plus it's good to see the Blue Man Group getting a job.

Girls was one of the best bands to grace us with their presence on the recent Laneway Festival circuit, and I've grown to embrace Christopher Owens and his inherent revivalist shtick more and more. Here is the rather disquieting flick for 'My Ma' and as always it is somewhat sumptuous and off putting, like a Gregory Crewdson photograph come to life. Intensely alluring.

Now I received this in the mail only the other day, and immediately thought it was a new track from British slacker rock band Colours. Turns out there is an artist right here in Australia called Colours, and 'In The Summer' is his contribution to the incoming compilation by Electronic Voice Records. It's hazed dream pop of the highest order, and has me hankering for more of the same. As far as I know there isn't a full length in the immediate future, but the compilation will be out on cassette as well as 12" vinyl soon, with pre-order starting March 10 (this Saturday!) here.

COLOURS ~ In The Summer from Toto Vivian on Vimeo.

Finally we have Melbourne's Witch Hats, who have had a bit of a directional change of late as witnessed on their stellar second LP Pleasure Syndrome. Here is the new video for 'In The Mortuary' off that very album.


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