Wednesday 21 March 2012

Sonic Masala Presents Number 5 Is Alive!

In two days' time, the fifth instalment of Sonic Masala Presents at the Waiting Room will take place. Its exciting on a whole bunch of levels. Let's break those levels down...

1) It features my first interstate band! Yes, Franco Cozzo (the musical spazznuts, not the furniture magnate and crazy commercial guy) hail from Melbourne - you may remember me talking about them here - and whilst I haven't heard anything new from them since this pretty dirty EP of 2010, I'm envisioning an incredibly loud and raucous affair. Specialties abound.

2) We have two celebrities coming! Actually that isn't true. But we do have two bands that have appropriated celebs' names into their monikers. Firstly we have Fred Savage Beasts, whose Method Is A Just Cause demos release (freely downloadable too!) offers some cool lo-fi meanderings. The band is essentially Nathan from local slacker behemoths Tape/Off, and if this is what's possible from some half-baked afternoons in the bedroom, imagine what some invested time will produce. This will be their first show - highly anticipated...

Then of course there is the man with the gravitas and one of the most iconic calming voices in movie history, Morgan Freeman. He is also the epitome of cool, thus - Motherfucking Morgan Freeman. This two-piece is a love affair with all that is rambunctious and shambolic in the world. Expect an ever-shifting morass of noise. Some covers will be unearthed, including one or two of their own from their past band, Librarians/We Are Librarians/Ex-Librarians (I never know what their name is/was/will be...) You may remember we spoke about em some time ago also - check that out here.

3) We certainly can't leave out new skids on the jocks Crass Creatures either! I saw them support Fucked Up last year in what has to be one of the coolest debut support slots ever picked up, and they certainly stepped up to the plate. There are exciting elements here - even a trace of Murder City Devils, which is soooooooooo good - and whilst the rust on the edges still shows from a fledgling act, they are only going to get better. Check these guys out before they are blowing up like DZ.

4) There isn't really a part four, I'm just really excited about this one! It's, as always, all for a tenner, and with takeaway bottle shops all around West End there is an endless supply of cheap drinks, enough to have moolah in the pocket to burn on merch (or probably booze on Boundary St later).

See you there chumps!

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