Tuesday 20 March 2012

Disappearing Languages

Disappears is an amazing, grossly underrated band. Their first record proper Lux was a fantastic broiling pot of motorik dissent. They backed this up with last year's Guider, an album that scraped onto our best of lists, not because it wasn't great, but because it felt like more of the same. It's on my list because more of the same is brilliant nonetheless. Since then Sonic Youth's Steve Shelley has joined the fray. Now the Chicago destroyers bring us Pre Language, an album that sticks to the mantra of "if it ain't broke..." and for the most part succeeds to reignite those heady sensations from Lux and Guider. The tracks alternate between the chugging repetitive pace of old with the lurking intensity of brooding slow numbers. Funnily enough it is these slower tracks that bog down the album a little, thus making their 3rd foray into the longplayer realm a less enjoyable listen. It's still pretty killer though, better than a lot (A LOT) of shit that is out there at the moment, so it's strongly recommended.

Pre Language can (and should, post haste) be grabbed here.

Disappears - Replicate
Disappears - Hibernation Sickness
Disappears - Brother Joliene

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