Thursday 22 March 2012

I Found A Lightning Bolt In My Head

This has been floating around for the best part of a month now, but seeing as their show in London a couple years ago goes down as one of my all-time favourites, it'd be remiss of me not to let you know about the new Lightning Bolt tune. It's a 20+ minute madness mantra recorded directly to tape as is, and whilst Chippendale's amazing drum skills are as ever on display, it's the diseased swirling bass work from Brian Gibson that holds sway here. Seriously, how the fuck is that NOT a guitar? The man's a genius (yeah, fuck you Les Claypool). It is actually a nausea inducing piece, which is a success in every way. Just like waking up after a night out with a ring in your ear, I guess...

Apparently the first of a list of songs that the band come up with at practice, you can do the right thing and actually buy the thing here. Follow the Bandcamp religiously - when the next one comes, you can be the first in line to get you face melted onto your perineum.

Lightning Bolt - I Found A Ring In My Ear

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