Tuesday 20 March 2012

Haunting Planets With A Giant Woollen Claw

The guys over at Wool Recordings are preparing to release Haunted Planet, a 12" record from multi-instrumentalist and visual artist Keith Rankin's synth-exploration project, Giant Claw. Besides co-running Orange Milk Records (home to Aidan Baker, Sean McCann, Caboladies, etc.), Rankin has been pumping out these otherworldly jams, including albums Midnight Murder (Orange Milk) and Tunnel Mind (Digitalis). Its all pretty warped stuff, and difficult to digest in bite-size form - these are suites to take whole. Rankin likes to play with form and genre, so cut-and-pasting krautrock, house and free jazz improv isn't out of the question here. Also, a guy who calls one of his songs 'Hobo Cop' is all right by me.

Haunted Planet can be gleaned here.

Giant Claw - Haunted Planet I-II

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