Monday 26 March 2012

Perms And No Trimming On Mount Carmel

Holy shit. I'm not sure I can pin down exactly why I love Ohio band Mount Carmel's new offering, Real Women, because in some weird way I should probably hate it. It is so deliberately steeped in 70s raucous blues rock nostalgia that will either be seen as brilliant homage or flagrant stealing. I really can't find a reason to budge from the former though. They nail it so well, yet the production is warm and fuzzy, there is enough of the modern (production that sounds like a cross between The Black Keys and Pontiak the most likely arbiter to this feeling) to anchor it in the here and now...yet, seriously, this is who should have played Stillwater in Almost Famous. And probably been The Black Crowes. At least if Mount Carmel frontman Chris Rickerhauser had married Kate Hudson, she would probably be making movies that don't produce an involuntary gag reflex. Or if they were War, they would have beaten the fuck out of Korn before they went anywhere near 'Low Rider'. Just sayin'.

Fuck I have a hard-on for Dazed & Confused right about now...

Grab Real Women here (weirdly put out by Siltbreeze. It doesn't fit. AT ALL. But then again, that's why I love those guys - they put out what they like). Seriously, who has a J? I'm ready to get baked.

Mount Carmel - Swaggs
Mount Carmel - Hear Me Now


  1. Anonymous2/9/12 17:08

    when is Mount Carmel playing again the email addy wasnt found

  2. As far as I know they are supporting Down - really - this coming few weeks - check dates here...