Thursday 8 March 2012

Tokyo Princesses Caught On Tape Aren't Always Bad...

This is one loud, nasty yet oh so good cassette by Cincinnati's most raucous bubblegum band, 20th Century Tokyo Princess. Called I've Never Been Happy And I've Never Had Fun, the tracks are hard to discern over the noise, but it's easy to see that these guys have something inherently built into their rock grooves. Nothing is held back here, it's like being down a well with Fran Drescher, and the tape is jammed into the Walkman, sounding like the Devil using heavy machinery in your ears. Sure it hurts, but there are much worse things to listen to...

Random Old Records put this one out. Id like to hear something a little clearer next time. Not too clear though - the rust on the jagged edges of these tracks should still give me lockjaw. You can grab the release here.

20th Century Tokyo Princess - 99 Years
20th Century Tokyo Princess - Blues For Mary Jo - The Stomp

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