Tuesday 20 March 2012

Mining Those Dark Depths And Currents

I have sat on this far too long. Depth & Current is a three-piece out of Norman Oklahoma that in their self-titled debut have created a warped and incredibly dark Gothic psychedelic stumble into the blacker realms of reality. There are recognisable connections to the light world through samples and influences (touching on Pink Floyd ('Lost'), Joy Division ('Pick Yourself Up'), Black Sabbath ('Minefield') and Flaming Lips (almost everything)) but this is an overall parallel universe. It could even be hokey with its heady gauze-like production, but it remains steadfastly resolute in its mining of the darker elements of progressive 70s rock and stoner rock mores, and for that I am grateful.

Depth & Current is available here.

Depth & Current - Pick Yourself Up
Depth & Current - Red Haute Sects (Ft. Baby Crenshaw)
Depth & Current - Lost

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