Friday 9 March 2012

These Mayors Bring People Together...

Here's a funny story.

Back in December 2009, my sister arrived in London. I had been living there for almost eighteen months at that stage. In her first week there I took her to ATP (My Bloody Valentine Nightmare Before Christmas - where this very blog was conceived!) as well as a Shit & Shine show at Madame JoJos. Now, that Shit & Shine show was by far the worst show Ive seen of them, but it is memorable as Sara got shitfaced and proceeded to kiss a "stranger". A couple weeks later we saw some bands play at the Constitution in Camden. We were there for Cumrag, a one off show for Steven Smith (Scul Hazzards). Another was Mayors Of Miyazaki. In amidst the mayhem, Sara again got drunk and proceeded to kiss someone. The same someone from the Shit & Shine show. The same someone that, over two years later, is her husband.

Crazy, right?

Now, I hadn't thought much at all about Mayors Of Miyazaki for some time, then the London math spazz rockers sent me this, their first piece of new recorded material in what seems like forever. It's more of the same in some respects, but it is also somewhat tempered, holding off on some of their more frenetic tangents. Which actually is a good thing. I feel they maybe onto something here. And not just a dirty pash... 'Mortise and Tenon' is preceding their second album (four years in the making), so we might see the rising of these Mayors to the type of power they so rightly deserve.

Mayors Of Miyazaki - Mortise & Tenon

Upcoming Shows:
16th March - Cowley Club, Brighton w/ Ragweed
17th March - Cavern, Exeter w/ Warm Blooded Mammals
18th March - Purple Turtle, Camden

11th April - Unicorn, Camden
12th April - The Junction, Plymouth
13th April - Buffalo Bar, Cardiff

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