Saturday 24 March 2012

The Wedding Present As A Wedding Present

So it's Saturday. I'm shattered after a mega rad of death Sonic Masala shindig last night. I have to travel for a couple hours to go to a wedding, and I don't have a gift. I think I'll just give them this. I know that I would want it. I would laugh at how funny I was, then play it for the entire reception. Fuck that - it would soundtrack the ceremony too. Not only that, but they are graced with my presence, whilst I drink their booze and steal the single ladies like the floozy I am. They should consider themselves blessed.

(It's fitting that the single from the new album is called 'You're Dead'. I'm pretty sure that the bride and groom have never heard of The Wedding Present. I guess we'll roll the dice and see how we go...)

The Wedding Present - You're Dead

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