Wednesday 21 March 2012

Minute Men, Noise, New Zealand, Sonic Masala, Waiting Room = FUCKING A!

This post is fucking amazeballs for three reasons. Firstly, I initially wanted to talk about the incredible debut album from NZ's God Bows To Math. Put out by the indelible Tenzenmen Records (responsible for helping bands like Nikko, To The North and Dead! put stuff out, whilst also bringing many Asian acts such as Dear Eloise and Carsick Cars to Australian ears - there will be many posts coming from their quarter in due course) as well as our trans-Tasman friends Muzai Records, the self-titled releases is heavy, unmitigated sound that pounds the eardrums with the relentless monotony of a king tide. Three years in the making, and recorded twice after a hard drive failure wiped the originals, it makes sense that the final product was mastered by the hallowed Chicago Mastering Service (run by Bob Weston and Jason Ward). It has that nihilistic yet pedantic brutality that Melbourne's My Disco are the kings of, yet flirts with the serrated wit of Welsh legends Mclusky. They aren't reaching either of these heady heights yet, but what they have come up with is very exciting nonetheless.

Then it came to light that they are enacting an assault on Australia's fine shores in April! This is incredible news, all the more amazing seeing as it was put together by local act Make More. Here are the dates:

April 13th - Adelaide - Crown & Anchor - with No Action and SparkShifter
April 14th - Melbourne - Gasometer - with Shit Weather
April 15th - Melbourne - Irene’s Warehouse (All Ages) - with Palisades
April 17th - Newcastle - Pharmacy - with Lennin Lennon
April 18th - Wollongong - Yours & Owls – support TBA
April 19th - Canberra - Phoenix – support TBA
April 20th - Sydney - The Roxbury - with Hira Hira and Mere Women
April 21st - Brisbane - Fat Louie’s - with Make More
April 22nd - Brisbane - __________________________________________________

What's that gap, you ask? It's the third reason that this post is blowing my mind, as Sonic Masala is combining with Tenzenmen to put on a second Brisbane show at The Waiting Room for the band! Supported by Make More and Tiny Spiders, the show will be on the Sunday April 22. This is a fantastic chance to see a brilliant abrasive up and coming act from across the ditch, up close and personal (well, up closer and more personal than Fat Louie's, anyway...not that I'm dissing that show, go see em twice you donkeys!). They may only be from the other side of the Tasman, but this counts as Sonic Masala's first o/s band, and that is all that matters!

Get there!!!

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