Saturday 3 March 2012

Vale Not Cool...Or Lazarus From The Grave?

Last month one of my favourite, most underrated bands in London, Not Cool, announced their split after only a couple of years destroying everything. They were to play their last ever show at the Old Blue Last on Friday February 3 alongside other great bands such as Warm Brains, Colours, Weird Dreams and Dignan Porch. Alex Kapranos (yes, he of Franz Ferdinand and culinary snipes) was providing the turntable toons. Sounded like a fitting farewell. I was so gutted by the news that I pretty much ignored the emails from the trio, preferring to play there Rugged Raw release until my ears fit that description also.

Then last week I mentioned another great UK band, Colours, and their Drip Haze 7". And it took me a while, but it sunk in that I saw the words "not" and "cool" in consecutive sequence somewhere on their press release. And lo and behold! They are supporting Colours on their 7" launch, also at the Old Blue Last, TONIGHT! So will this be the end? Or a new beginning? Please put me out of my misery! (Only if the answer is: "Yeah man, Not Cool are totally together, forever! Didn't you know? Douche!" I would cry a little, but overall I'd be damned happy...

Either way, GET THERE!!!

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