Wednesday 28 March 2012

As If PS I Love You Wasn't Sentimental Enough - How About The Dishes?

If you missed how much I dug Ontario's favourite dishevelled noise popsters PS I Love You's debut LP Meet Me At The Muster Station last year, A) you were under a rock of Ayers Rock/Uluru stature, and (B) I dug it massively (don't believe me? Check it here and here). It had all the things I love to listen to when I want to part-A. I really wish these guys had existed in 1999...

Good news punters, as the duo have wasted no time in getting a sophomore releases up and ready. Death Dreams is its name (also out through Paper Bag Records),and below are the first two cuts from it. It's still wall-of-noise crazy in a small, compact parcel - like a deep-fried barbiturate - but somewhat darker in tone. Apparently one of the due Paul Saulnier started having recurring dreams about his mortality whilst touring. Talk about a bummer, dude! Well, Ill be honest - these two tracks aren't as immediate as some were on Muster..., but then again they aren't meant to be. Im actually still as excited to hear how this album turns out as I was before hearing these tracks - and that is always a good thing.

Cheer up dudes!

PS I Love You - Sentimental Dishes
PS I Love You - Princess Towers

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