Friday 23 March 2012

Taming The Pond

I did not get the fascination with Perth band Tame Impala back in 2010. I'm a psych fanatic, and I get that the members were pretty good at their instruments and all, and their album Innerspeaker did sound pretty sweet production wise, and they had some pretty rad videos. It was just that, for a psych band, they were pretty bland. Even - dare I say it - boring.

So when I heard that the barefoot bandit from Tame Impala "Paisley Adams" was getting it down with some Tame Impalas and some other dudes in another band, I didn't pay any mind. Then I heard 'Mystery', one of the tracks of Pond's 4th LP (that's right, 4th!) Beards, Wives, Denim - and I was transfixed. HERE is the edgy, gritty hook that I needed! HERE is the psychedelics that actually transports me to another world, not just a sunny dust laden field in Western Australia circa 1969!

To be fair, it could have all been a ruse - one track to get you in before they slap you in the face with eleven slabs of shit. No. The opener is all you need to hear to know that Pond are serious. And the barefoot bandit makes for one whirling dervish of a frontman. It sucks how these guys have been slaving away in anonymity just for a lesser act to rise from their shadow, but at least it means this will finally get the attention it deserves (like me!) Scrap the paisley pastoral histrionics of TI dude, stick to getting dirty in the Pond.

Beards, Wives, Denim is out through Modular.

Pond - Mystery
Pond - Fantastic Explosion Of Time

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