Thursday 8 March 2012

Life Partners Are For The Dogs

I haven't been able to get this album out of my head this past week. Ryan over at Sophomore Lounge Records flicked me this ages ago, and it somehow fell through the cracks (my two month break is still proving to be a pain in the arse...) Their first release for 2012, Dogs is a cassette which shows Aaron Osbourne (formerly of State Champion and Plows, among others) as Life Partner. This new batch of bummed-out, midwestern grunge folk is something else - its launch out of the bedroom and into the alleyways and shadowed doorways is a welcome if still uneasy experience. The beauty of this album is that it is harsh, bummed out rock, yet rock it does, like a proverbial motherfucker. Osbourne's fitted himself with a band and is so much stronger because of it. Taking inspiration from Pissed Jeans, Beat Happening and Springsteen's Nebraska (really), Dogs is a killer leftfield release. The sweaty desperation inherent everywhere on this track will give you a fever that only more of the same will wash away.

Give in to the incessant throb of Dogs here.

Life Partner - Mercy
Life Partner - (I'm) Getting Older

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