Thursday 29 March 2012

Coolrunnings Is Only The Beginning

Knoxville Tennessee aren't likely to be enamoured with some of their progeny - let's face it, who is? - but I'm sure they have given Coolrunnings the keys to the city. If they haven't, I call shenanigans! The 4 piece have put out a glut of recordings, such as self releasing two EPs Babes Forever and Buffalo on their own label Dracula Horse and a 7", Fool Moon, on Too Pure. The latest purge from these dudes is Dracula Is Only The Beginning (Type Records), an LP that seriously slides all over the FM dial. It may not surprise you that one of the members is an ex-member of Royal Bangs; it may surprise you that this album, with an emphasis on new wave, psychedelia, afro beat and synth pop, actually makes perfect sense. There are moments that I thought this may have been a mixtape. In fact, when put into Windows Media Player (yes, I still use that thing, leave me alone OK?) a bunch of different band names and album covers spring out at me. There is a little Animal Collective and Akron/Family in opener 'Chorus', then the Elvis aping, doo wop debauchery of 'Behold The Cunt' (yes, that is the title) throws everything on its arse. And so it goes. Such a mess should be exactly that, but instead Dracula Is Only The Beginning doesn't lie - Coolrunnings are only getting started on getting your collective lards up and dancing. Rock the casbah, you bloodsucking fiends!

Dracula Is Only The Beginning can be got at here - please do. This review, in retrospect, doesn't do this quirky gem justice. Buy the vinyl, there are only 100. Go on, DO IT! Or not - Ill beat you to it...

Coolrunnings - Chorus
Coolrunnings - Behold The Cunt

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