Friday 2 March 2012

Throwing Up, Fever Fever!

I came across London's punk critters Throwing Up when they emailed me about a post I did on fellow UK two girl/one boy rioters Fever Fever (their 'Teeth' track still kills me), throwing me some of their own gear on the process. The song was 'Mother Knows Best', and it was ballsy as fuck. Now I got repeat emails from both bands, but they fell into the December/January vortex. Time to make amends...

First of all, Throwing Up brought out a 7" one-sided single, Big Love/Red Ribbon in a couple weeks, but I got notice of it just in time for Valentine's (and seeing as I am not a believer, as it were, I missed the cultural significance...sigh). And as far as I'm concerned, this is one of the best self-released press releases ever - consider me a finger-down-the-throat acolyte, guys!!!

"I tried to write something for this but press releases are probably the least lovable things ever written, I feel like they should be ballsier than the inevitable snivelling appeal to listen to, like, love, oh god please just write about us I'll do anything. But they're not, they are what they are and here I am trying to write another one. These songs, Big Love and Red Ribbon, are fittingly timed, it's a romantic month apparently and who are we to argue? Love is something I'm more often without than in excess of. I'm not being negative, it's not a case of the glass being half empty, more like turned over on the counter to drip dry. But when life hands you lemons etc.. So here they are, 3 minute moments of garage sale lemonade pop. Love is left in the street to die as we drive past, laughing at the betrayal and disillusionment we're handed to fill the red raw cavity where our hearts and hopes used to be. Happy Valentines Day."

Fuck... Big Love/ Red Ribbon is out on 12th March. They are jumping the ditch to the US of Ay in a week to hit some spots before slamming SXSW. Find em, support em, drink em under the table - just don't ignore them. They know where you live...

Throwing Up - Big Love

Now this one is a little old. Fever Fever released 'Pins' back at the tail end of 2011 (on Gravy Records - also responsible for the new Bitches release, SWEET!) - oops! Its a kicking clusterfuck of a track, heightening the anticipation to a feverish pitch (sorry...) for the debut sometime this year. I'm a fan of Clare St Clare, and after hearing her you will know why...

Fever Fever - Pins

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