Sunday 4 March 2012

Meeting Mary Lou On Black Mountain

Despite being somewhat underwhelmed by their third LP Wilderness Heart back in 2010, Canadian psychers Black Mountain really impressed with their show at the Zoo last year. So I was quite excited to hear that they had a new song out, albeit as part of a soundtrack. Year Zero is billed as an "apocalyptic surf movie", whilst the soundtrack offers some old, familiar tracks with some altogether new ones. The first slice is 'Mary Lou', and it has totally restored my faith in the Vancouver marauders.

Year Zero comes out next month on Jagjaguwar.

1. Phosphorescent Waves
2. Bright Lights
3. Mary Lou
4. Embrace Euphoria
5. Tyrants
6. Modern Music
7. In Sequence
8. Wilderness Heart
9. Breathe

Black Mountain - Mary Lou

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