Friday 2 March 2012

Heavy Hawaii

I haven't paid much mind to Super Bowl XXIX, the new release from San Diego's Heavy Hawaii. Don't ask me why - I was a big fan of HH (see here and here for my thoughts on the 2010 release). Yet in the past 10 days Ive been sent the release from both the man himself and Art Fag Recordings, the label putting it out, so I gave it a whirl. Of course I liked it! Why was I so reluctant? Maybe it was the whole Madonna/MIA hoo-haa that sullied my thoughts? Maybe it was the fact it had a NFL theme? Maybe...I really don't know. I subscribe to any and all ideas. Suffice to say, I was stupid. Don't you follow in my sordid footsteps, children! Its a another wonky slice of pop from these warped sunseekers, and it'll heighten your anguish that a full length isnt in our hairy hands already. Come on guys!

Ah well, this 7" will suffice for now...

Super Bowl XXIX can be got here.

Heavy Hawaii - Super Bowl XXIX

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