Tuesday 6 March 2012

Speaking In Numbers To Three Trapped Tigers

So we have the new offerings from the ever excellent excitable electro executioners Three Trapped Tigers (yep, a lot of alliteration in there...). Well, it's not exactly new per se - Numbers 1-13 is the combination of, I'm only guessing here, but Lightning Bolt plays a more pressing impression in their earlier work, especially on elements of the opening track, evocatively titled '1'. The 13 tracks span their three year evolution across three limited edition (now sold out) EPs from 2008-2010, thus the reason for the remastered and repackaged full length player. It is so worth it though - whilst their Route One Or Die LP from last year was killer, there is something about their short form releases that captured their essence in a better light, so having them all in one place is an incredible coup.

Numbers 1-13 is out now via Blood & Biscuits. They are currently touring the UK, playing Cambridge tonight. GO!

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