Thursday 15 March 2012

Art Is Hard When Pizzas, Splashes and Throwing Up Is Involved

I really need a constant reminder from Art Is Hard - every time I head over to their site, I've missed another Biweekly Pizza Club release! So here I am again giving you the last two options. Just so you know the next one is tomorrow - that's warning for us all, right??

The fourth and fifth instalments are from Little Leagues and Splashh respectively. Little Leagues are a Falmouth four piece that make memorable math-pop - remember when that was popular, every kid and his three legged dog were into it? Yeah...memories. Well they released a new EP a couple weeks ago, worth hunting down too.

Little Leagues - A Problem Solved

Splashh on the other hand hail from London, and their track 'All I Wanna Do' is sunshine and lollipops, sprinkled with a little anthrax for added edge. All I really know about these Londoners is that one of them was in Brain Slaves. I think. Doesn't really matter, this is a pretty killer tune. Eat it.

Splashh - All I Wanna Do

But this only half of what I think is the continuing brilliance of the releases that the dudes of AIH have to offer. ANOTHER good record is on its way in the form of loud Sheffielders Best Friends' EP Throwing Up. Best Friends are a four piece that vomit (sorry) surf-inflected pop with liberal lashings of lackadaisical fuzz like it's the mid 90s again, when bleeding from the ears after listening to an indie band was still possible. Which is awesome, by the way. As always, new release means new, inventive packaging. AIH got with the band to put together a 21cm square 12 page photo booklet of Halloween parties, crowdsurfing at house shows and other rad photos, with the CD being encased within the booklet itself. It's luscious and a little bit silly, but also pretty rad - a bit like that Cyanide & Happiness coffee table book I have... Its out proper next Sunday, but you can have at it here.

Best Friends - Wasting Time

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