Thursday 8 March 2012

Where Are They Now? - Little Dreamers Revisited #1

About a month ago I brought to your attention some bands that I first discovered through the emails and had spoken about on the Hits From The Box and through other channels. Well, some more of these bands have lined up a big 2012, and these three in particular have stellar releases to give you.

Phone Home is the NYC duo that I compared to local act PVT back in 2010. Its been 18 lonely months without so much as a text, but now we have their Songs For Real Life Games EP to welcome us back into their sultry folds. The four track EP is great instrumental pop - I'm in love with the Vallarelli bros! Get behind this - it's great!

Next up is Inca Gold. The London quartet - featuring members Ezequiel Claverie, Ben Chatwin (AKA the Talvihorros guy), Alex Lewis and Chris Howarth - released their third EP, Inca Gold III, on 20th February 2012. They said it was a trilogy - they didn't disappoint. Self-recorded, mixed and produced, the EP is evidence of their endeavours to present a bold and unique take on dream-like psychedelia. It's been a truly epic evolution, and the exception to the rule that the third part of a triptych is invariably the worst. This EP is jaw-dropping in its sonic production. One of the best tracks of this year thus far is below. I can't wait to hear a full length - conceptual and all...

Inca Gold - Atom

Julien Magot is from France. He may be more familiar to you as Appalache. His last release, Appalache Goes America 2.0 was pretty special, and yet he is still being influenced by his travels. After trekking from the Jordanian dunes to Nashville's melting blacktop, Magot hunkered down in his apartment and hammered out Fue, his first full length under the Appalache moniker. There is a great deal of disorientation and escapism involved with the aural drones at work here that informs us of his headspace over these journeys, and makes them (to us at least) otherworldly. There is some Barn Owl in these meanderings, something which I love. I have to say, Fue is BY FAR the best thing Appalache has put to tape. It gives me Everest-sized goosebumps. Great stuff.

Appalache - R55R
Appalache - Dimension Of Truth

Come back tomorrow where Ill have four more for you!

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