Wednesday 7 March 2012

Searching For A Singular Highland

It always intrigues me when musicians with a particular musical pedigree abandon their roots to venture down an entirely different path. Some do it within the umbrella of their former guise (Thrice and Regurgitator fans know this only too well), whilst many others form other bands to distance themselves from the past. The members of Californian psych shoegaze outfit Highlands used to play in hardcore and weird noise bands, and are now moving in a different direction with this band. It's actually a prefect meld though, as the psych and shoegaze are pushed roughly to the forefront by the ever-present menace of inclement noise, a welcome breach of aural comfort that has you covering your ears and turning the volume up. Singularity is crafted to be played as loud as possible, yet there has been a lot of effort placed in offering a nuanced, lush sounding record. All these things could have served as contradictions, but this stuff is the real deal.

Get Singularity here. It's a great, brooding record, well worth everyone's full attention.

Highlands - Railroad
Highlands - Sunshine

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