Thursday 8 March 2012

Birthing Canal Down The Rabbithole

Brighter Futures Dialysis is not a normal record. Amateur Childbirth is not a normal artist. Ivan Matthew Hicks is not a normal man. Each of the ten songs on this album are crafted from a cheap nylon-stringed guitar and the crazy repetitive rantings of Hicks, whose lyrical delivery is redolent of fire and brimstone from a volatile, drug-abusing priest. There is a lot of evisceration and bile here, but to be honest there is something quirkily attractive about folk music written with such dadaist disdain. It's not an album you would throw on for a relaxing time (in fact there aren't many situations that would warrant putting it on), but it comes down ingenuity and veracity, which are both apparent here. Hicks is a Brisbane artist who revels in the darkness - might be time to pull him dragging and kicking into the light.

You can download Brighter Futures Dialysis for free from Amateur Childbirth's Bandcamp here. Physical copies are available here.

Amateur Childbirth - Cat Power's Armpits
Amateur Childbirth - Venus In Flames

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